Theater equipment

We have a dedicated carpentry available in our factory at Coesfeld for the production of your theater equipment. We produce for you on time as well as instruct your stage works in how to install the equipment. An easy process is our goal.

Our program is completed with high quality and handy step systems, practice walls and make-up tables – all from our own production. Furthermore, we have cloak room systems available.

Individual and variously


Indivuell and variously

Be it orders on commission or production in series: all equipment from Ahlers+Lambrecht is always spotless and of robust finish.
Complete sceneries are also being manufactured in our workshops.
Upon request delivery can include assembly.

Make-up tables


  • 800 x 530 x 1655 mm (single seater)
  • 1600 x 530 x 1655 mm (double seater)

A+L make-up tables are made of plastic-coated chipboard. Due to this they are easy to handle and acid resistant. The basic version has two storage trays; upon request they can be fitted with drawers. On the back panel there is a mirror (65 x 65 cm) and three Linestra-tubes with 60 W each. Everything is mounted ready to be plugged in. The foot-support is made of square-tubes (25/25/2,5 mm), baked-varnish-finish in black/anthracite. The standard colour for make-up tables is white, but, upon request, other colours can be offered. For a more adaptable use the tables can be delivered on rollers.


Hall Stands


We can offer any type of hall stands:

  • Hall stand for cloakrooms
  • Wall hangers
  • Cloths hook rails
  • Standing-, swivelling- and hinged hall stands
  • Row hall stands
  • Cloakroom bars
  • Number- and cloakroom- discs
  • Ashtrays and waste containers

Detailed description you will find in our hall stands brochure!


Foldable rostrums/platforms/flier systems/frames

Praktikabel / Podeste / Stufen / Zargen

A+L platforms are manufactured of almost free-of-knots, top quality pine. Frame wood (96/27 mm), beveled on all sides, glued in a sturdy and waterproof manner. Hingefittings are made of galvanized hinges. All upright frames have rounded stage shoes with slanted drilling. Lining panels made of pine-boards or chipboard delivered with protective edges made of steel. Surface either not treated or treated with pigmented wood protector.
Request our complete price list.


Stage Shoes


A+L stage shoes are made of sheet steel plates of St.14.03 quality, provided with several punch holes, plate thickness 1,5 mm. The shoes protect the stage floor, as all corners and edges are rounded-off. Danger of accidents or injuries is almost non-existent. The shoes fulfill the demands of DIN 15920 standard for studio superstructures, they are layed-out for DIN -acceptable smoothly planed-edge-profiles.

  • Size: 94 x 28,5 mm
  • Height 30 mm
  • Weight: ˜75 gr/piece

The fitting is done with two screws - 3 x 20 mm. For stage drills longholes have been punched-in on both sides.


A+L Protective angle for Lining Panels

A+L Schutzwinkel für Eindecktafeln

Protective angles for lining panels are made of galvanized plates and have 8 holes for mounting on to the lining panels. They have a one-sided grind on- edge, are plain punched and bent, plate thickness 2,0 mm. A+L protective angels prevent lining panels as well as other structure elements from damage because of their rounded-off edges and corners. A+L protective angels are suited for all rectangular panels and can be adjusted to smaller sizes. Fastening of angels is done with eight screws.


Rehearsal Walls


  • 1,0 x 2,0 m (w x h)
    Other measurements are also possible.
  • Standard wall: 1,0 x 2,0 m

A+L rehearsal walls are designed for use on stage or rehearsal stages. The surrounding frame and the centre cross beam are made of wooden slats 60/30 mm.
On top and at the bottom there are socket hinges which allow connection to other rehearsal walls. The lower frame of the triangular-sided frame can have an extension which is drilled and provided with a flat bar so that it can be to fastened to the ground.



Upper layer/counter layer for example made of Oregon-/Pitch-Pine-Rifts/Beech, middle layer conifer plywood or massive wood.

Technical data:

  • Gluing: Centre layer: BFU 100 (DIN 68705, sec.3)
    Gluing in layers: AW 100 (DIN 68 705, sec.2)
  • Weight: Pitch-pine approx. 35,0 kg/m², Oregon-pine approx. 24,0 kg/m²
  • Slab thickness: 30, 40, 45, 50, 55 mm (further thicknesses on request)

AL-multiwood-3S-Slabs are triple-layered-slabs exclusively designed for stage floors, which are bound together by a water- and humidity resistant glue in a special high-pressure compressing-process. With CNC-control an exact measuring and fitting is ensured. The slabs are all-round finished with a special matching -joints-system which makes inbetween gluing possible. Thus a joint-free performance surface is achieved.


high load-bearing capacity, destortion-free, no creaking, no joints.
Quick laying, less splintering caused by stage drills/Spax, easy repair and additions carried out by our own personnel, damaged slats can be exchanged, it is a resource saving method.


Loose Inlay Panels for Access Points

Einlegetafeln für Revisionsöffnungen

Exactly measured to size we deliver to you ready made loose inlay panels for checking openings made of AL-multiwood-3S; upper-layer and counter layer made of timber according to choice (for example Oregon- or Pitch-pine). The slab is underjointed up to ~2/3 of total thickness to make the laying into the checking opening easier. With a conifer plywood middle-layer high wear with low weight is achieved. Screwed-on fish joints might not be needed.




AL-Stage-Oil is based on a natural-oil-wax-mixture. It does not tear, does not peel-off and does not blister. As it penetrates the wood quite deeply it makes the surface resistant to Coca-Cola or wine according to DIN 68 861. The stage floor retains its elasticity despite the heat coming from spotlights. The standing annual rings do not break away despite the wear of scenery, there is less surface-splintering.

Stage-oil is available in the following colours:

  • Anthracite
  • Black-covering
  • Colourless-transparent
  • Other colours available upon enquiry.




A+L metal Offset Flaps, i.e. with one, two or three flaps, consisting of one surrounding angel-frame with steel flap-seat; bulb-plate steel flaps with surface-level hinges of at least 135° and two integrated cable-pass-through-flaps measuring 50 x 35 mm, each, in both positions with spring washers or catch-bearing, and equipped with sturdy hinges flapping downwards at an angle of 180°. All metal parts powder coated in black or anthracite.


Prompter Boxes


A+L Prompter Boxes are delivered made to measure according to customer requirements, complete with sub-construction.They are made of sturdy plywood construction for easy fitting on to prompter box opening.


AL-multiwood-2S-Slabs for Aluminum Frames


AL-multiwood-2S-Slabs are customer made to measure in different timbers. The surface can be Pitch- or Oregon-pine rifts, but also with parquet finish. Thickness of the slabs can be of 20, 22 or 25 mm.
Multiwood-slabs are exclusively suited for tight bolting, because, should they be laid floating they could become destorted. Surface treatment can also be given.

The exact grooving, drilling or milling within the slabs is ensured with CNC-control finish.