Eurogress Aachen

Eurogress Aachen

Eurogress Aachen

New Concert dome Eurogress Aachen

Eurogress Aachen had high requirements for the concert walls in terms of the acoustics and appearance.

The concert dome is build from wall units and painted in black aluminum.

The lining consists of 50 mm light weight sandwich board. The surface of the wall elements are made of Santos Palisander wood surface, which are painted with clear coat. The backside of the linings is glazed black.

The towers are divided at a height of 2.40m, the middle piece and the upper right part as well as the left side wing are mounted on an additional trolley.

The side wing can positioned in 90° angle that it blocks the frame from the view of the audience.

In order to save space the lower linings of the side towers are removable and the towers can be pushed into each other. The linings can be stored in a designated place on the backside of the tower.

Only two men are needed for assembly and disassembly.

The weight of the tower is approximately 500kg/m2